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How To Repair Window Screen and Patio Door Screens

how to fix window screensA Simple Guide for Door and Window Screen Replacement

If you want to make a DIY project of replacing your door and/or window screens, this guide will help you learn how to do it.

How to Remove Patio Screen Doors

Unhinge and remove the screen door simultaneously lifting and pulling the bottom. If the door sticks to the bottom, use a pocket knife to lift two small wheels at the door off the track. Once the wheels are off track, it will be easier to pull the door out.

How to Remove Screened Window

Look for two little tabs either on the bottom, top or sides of the window. It should be noted though that some windows do not have these tabs. Press the tabs and pull out the screen frame. If you have an older or more aged screen frame, you may need to push the frame up and down (or side to side) to separate it from your window.

How to Remove the Screen from Your Window or Door

After separating the screen frame from your door or window, lay it out on a flat surface we recommend you use a drop sheet to protect the screen frame. Find the spline n the screen frame. Spline is the rubber gasket that holds the screen in place and is located in the groove or ridge on one side of the door or window.  Pull out the spline and the screen will be freed.

To complete the process with your screen door, unscrew the handle and the lock. Remember how it goes back together so that you can re-assemble it with no problems.

Re-screen Frame With Replacement Mesh

Get the right size spline for your frame otherwise the mesh will not stay in place for long. With the old screen removed, roll out the new screen fabric over your door or window frame. To make things easier, use a screen rolling tool which is available in hardware stores. As you install the screen, focus on one side or area at a time to ensure the smoothness of the screen. Pay attention to the smoothness of the screen as you go along.

Put the spline over the screen and use the screen rolling tool to push the end of the spline into the groove of the frame. This is the most difficult part in the screen installation process because you have to be gentle enough to not cut into the screen, while still exerting enough force to snugly fit the spline into the canal.

As you are pulling and stretching the spline, smooth the screen over the frame to avoid bumps and loose parts. Be careful not to cut through the screen because you will have to start again using uncut screen.

If you are replacing the screen of your door, don’t forget to re-assemble the handle and lock.

All that’s left for you to do is to return the door or window to its original place. This may seem like a lot of work but with patience, you’ll be able to replace your own screens.

Mobile Screen Repair Service – We Come to You

Re-screening is not always an easy task, it requires patience and can be frustrating. If you would like our mobile service to You can also get in touch with Cleaner Windows to get your screens professionally fitted and replaced.

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