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Window Repair and Crank Replacement Burlington, Oakville & Hamilton

We replace broken window cranks in Oakville, Hamilton & Burlington

We replace broken window cranks in Oakville, Hamilton & Burlington

Window Repairs

Regardless of the type or brand of window installed in your home, eventually all homeowners will be in need of some kind of window repair. From older windows with wooden frames to those made with vinyl or aluminum frames, we all seem to face the same common problems. So many of our customers have contacted us after first calling their window manufactures who have essentially instructed them to buy entirely new windows. Beware! In most cases, this is a downright lie window repair is all that was needed!

Save Money with our Window Repair Service!

From replacing damaged window hinges to installing new window cranks, latches, locks, and glass, these types of minor repairs are very easy to fix…and infinitely less costly than replacing the entire window system. Repairing casement windows, double hung windows, and even tilt-in glass designs can often be completed quickly, saving you perhaps thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses. We repair window cranks or window operators as they are known, in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton and Stoney Creek.

Know your options… Window Repair Might be Your Best Choice!

Many homeowners are under the mistaken impression that they need to purchase an entirely new set of windows when the frames begin having trouble opening and closing properly. As the winter season approaches, we are always more concerned with drafty windows and increased energy bills. What many homeowners don’t know is that all windows and the surrounding framework will begin to age slowly over time. But this doesn’t mean we have to throw them away and replace them with brand new windows. Sometimes, simple sash repairs, partial frame replacements, or other easy window repairs can do the trick at a much cheaper cost!

Window Replacement or Window Repair?

Window Repair Oakville & Burlington

Window Repair Oakville & Burlington

Most windows manufactures won’t tell you that in homes with old vinyl or wooden windows, replacing the entire system can actually change the exterior look of your home. Rather than buying a brand new window that doesn’t match the others, call Window Repair Man. In many cases, we can either repair the damaged frame without removing the exterior trim to the home. Or perhaps we can use a pocket window replacement that simply slides a new pane of glass into place instead. Before buying brand new windows at very costly prices, call us today for your many choices and options of professional window repairs.

Call Screen Repair Man for Window Repair Services for Broken or Fogging Insulated Glass Repair!

What many manufactures of insulated glass windows won’t tell you is that a window that begins to fog up on a regular basis does not mean that the entire system needs to be replaced. In most cases, the problem is simply a broken seal in one of the two panes of glass. If these seals are failing on one of your windows, then it is very likely that they will soon begin to fail in the rest of the windows as well. Do you really want to pay for an entire new set of windows? Call Screen Repair Mans Window Repair Services instead. We can be on your doorstep within minutes. We will complete a thorough inspection of each and every window in your home, perform the necessary window repairs, and be finished all within hours! Call us today! You’ll be glad that you did!




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