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Screen Door Repair Mobile Service

we rescreen patio screen doors

Mobile Patio Screen Door Repair

Does your patio door need the screen repairing, if someones walked into your patio door screen and torn it we can help! If its just worn out through exposure to the elements we can help! Also if you have pets that like to hang on the screen door or scratch at the mesh our pet proof screen mesh will help.

Patio Screen Door Repair on Site

We can re-screen your patio door with new mesh using either regular fiberglass screen mesh or pet proof screen that’s 7x stronger than our fiberglass screen. By re-screening your patio screen door you not only keep the bugs out, you also improve the aesthetics of your door by having a nice new screen fitted.

There is no need to come remove your patio door screen, our mobile patio screen door repair service takes care of it all new spline and premium quality mesh and your screen door will be like new. We also tune up the door to ensure its running smooth on the tracks.

Keep the Bugs Out – Ensure Your Patio Screen Door has no Rips or Tears

With the warm weather finally here check over your screen door and window screens for any damage that will allow bugs to get inside your home. Screen Repair Man comes to your home to make onsite repairs to window screens and patio door screens. If you are missing any window screens we can make custom window screens onsite, we can also make custom sliding patio screen doors.

Call us today on 905 966 0838 worth noting you do not always need to be home when we come to repair your screens, as long as we can get access we can repair whilst you are at work and leave an invoice


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